Local Planning Applications

The Parish Council is a key consultee for planning applications within the areas of St Breock. Every planning application within the Parish is considered by our Planning Sub Committee and where deemed necessary, a site visit takes place.

Generally, they are then voted on at one of our Ordinary Meetings and you can find the information on forthcoming applications on our agenda and notice boards. At our Ordinary Meetings we always hold a period of public participation where parishioners can come along and give us their views on planning applications or any other matter within the Parish.

Please be aware however, the Parish Council are purely consultees , they do not have the overall power to grant or, refuse any applcation.


Former Bringwood Chase, West Hill, Wadebridge.


Land North West of Malsters Trevanson Road Wadebridge


Spinners End Wadebridge Cornwall PL27 7H


The Old Farmhouse Trevanson Road Wadebridge


Hustyn Mine Park St Breock Wadebridge


Hustyn Mine Park Burlawn Wadebridge Cornwall PL27 7LG